What recent news of DEIR report could mean

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What recent news of DEIR report could mean

Post by tothman » Tue Jan 15, 2019 6:03 pm

Good morning: My name is Rob Toth and I'm a new member of the 49er's. I also happen to be a fly fisherman and learned to steelhead fish on the Klamath as a kid. Some might find it odd that I've joined the club, but I still believe that there is a happy medium where conservationists and fishermen can peacefully coexist with miners and even dredgers. While I would consider myself more of a low impact miner (sniping, crevicing, detecting, etc), I was hoping to be able to run a high banker at some point on the Klamath. The fact that high banking has been lumped into the current dredging moratorium is, in my view, unfair as well as unnecessary. It is also borderline illegal in my humble opinion. I'm certainly hoping that more clarity is delivered on this issue in the near term!

Meanwhile, the first Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) on the 3 dams of the upper Klamath River was just released. I have not read the report in its entirety, but I found this article interesting and thought I'd share it.

http://www.mtshastanews.com/news/201901 ... y-concerns

The question that the results of this draft report begs is this: if some 20 million cubic yards of sediment behind the three dams released into the Klamath will not result in any significant long term (up to 24 months) negative impact on the water quality of the river, how can a minute fraction of that sediment moved by dredgers and (gasp, scratch your head) high bankers using settling pools be considered a major negative impact????

Maybe I'm missing something as I've just recently started researching this topic from a miner's perspective. But I thought I'd post it as a conversation topic. Maybe someone has some insight as to what the issue could mean for dredging and high banking the Klamath in the near future.

Rob Toth
San Francisco
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Re: What recent news of DEIR report could mean

Post by Jim_Alaska » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:29 pm

Your point is well taken Rob. And it has been submitted as comments at comment meetings for both dam removal, as well as dredging. There is never an official answer to this question simply because there are powerful forces behind dam removal that cannot be thwarted by individuals or small organizations. They feel that they do not have to answer questions of this sort, it is below them.

In the case against dredging and mining there are not only powerful forces at work, but also government entities whose staff have been trained by environmental factions for many years. They are then placed in positions of authority and influence with the sole purpose of pushing the environmental agenda.

For them the question has never been about what is reasonable or best science, it is instead about shutting down mining and removing dams nation-wide as a tool to control people and land.

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Re: What recent news of DEIR report could mean

Post by mendoAu » Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:44 am

I've done my due diligence and sent Pres. Trump one more letter requesting his attendance on the claim here. Told him to pack light and bring his big-boy jeans and hiking boots. Not sure if I have a fatboy wetsuit big enough but would love to shove a regulator between his lips, put a rock hammer in his hand and tell him to stay down until he finds some gold. Still waiting for a reply.
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