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Just Information

Post by Jim_Alaska » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:39 am

Well, I was gone on a trip to Arizona for a week. Nobody noticed and you folks did real good on the forums.
I was helping a friend and dredge partner move from Oregon back to Tucson where his house is. Some folks reading this may know my friend, he goes by A.J.

Saw lots of desert and lots of mining/prospecting evidence. Many coyote prospect holes in Nevada and some commercial operations in evidence in the foothills. Saw one huge open pit Copper mine in Yerington. The tailing piles were just huge. I was able to pick up some interesting Copper specimens; I know, they aren't worth anything, but interesting to me anyway.

I didn't see much mining evidence in Arizona, but that's probably because I was travelling and not off the highway at all. I do know from past experience that there is gold as a by-product of Copper in Jerome and gold over the hill in Prescott.

Near where my friend lives near Tucson there is a huge Copper mine with tailing piles running for what looks like miles. He lives in the hills to the south of Tucson and we could see all of Tucson, as well as all of the tailing piles at the mine.

We stayed off of the Interstate, so got to see more county and it was an enjoyable and safe trip. We made 750 miles the first day, not bad for secondary road. It is good to be home though.

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Re: Just Information

Post by Joe.S.AK » Sat Nov 09, 2019 4:03 am

Missed 'ya.

Hope AJ is doing well, Always fond memories of that Big 'ole Guy.

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