We are giving away gold and silver in one week!

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We are giving away gold and silver in one week!

Post by Dave Mack » Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:43 am

Here is a reminder that we will be giving away 25 gold and silver American Eagles this next Friday, a week from today. This is all about how The New 49'ers Legal Fund raises money to hire the best attorneys available to help us win back the small-scale mining rights which have been taken away from us by various State agencies.

There has been very little participation in this drawing so far. However, it is normal for most contributions to arrive during the final week before these drawings take place. I have my fingers crossed that you guys will continue to support our efforts.

Since we have not been able to overcome the completely unreasonable regulations imposed upon our industry in the courts, we are now encouraging the federal land management agencies (Trump Team) to adopt a formal Rule-making that will prevent State agencies from imposing prohibitive regulations on small-scale mining activity that takes place on the federal lands. Our October newsletter links to our latest effort.

I have included my thoughts on how the non-stop viscous attacks upon the Trump administration, as long as he is able to survive the attacks, may work to our favor once the commotion settles down.

I have also published our Schedule of Events for the 2020 season. It can all be found right here:

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