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Finding Gold, Fun & Camaraderie Along the Klamath River in Northern California

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:06 am
by Dave Mack
A small team of gold prospectors and myself used my jet boat to confirm a high-grade gold deposit on the far side of the river about 7 miles downstream of Happy Camp. The deposit we went to sample was good indeed, delivering up larger-sized golden flakes of pure wealth. The downside was that we would have to pack the pay-dirt down to the river where we could process it.

Then, in a stroke of luck, longtime member Craig Colt made another rich gold discovery down closer to the river. The gold appeared to be coming out of packed sand between the old dead roots from grass that had dried up months ago. Upon further inspection, we found that the sand was resting on top of a thin layer of natural streambed -- which was producing even more gold. That's when things started getting really interesting!

We returned about a week later with around 45 members for our final Group Mining Project of the season. The whole video enhanced story can be found in our November newsletter, along with a list of our most recent drawing winners, and some political perspective from my viewpoint as a result of the recent election results in America. It's all right here: ... 8_XaksS.pQ