Suction Dredging Unlikely this Season in California or Oregon

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Suction Dredging Unlikely this Season in California or Oregon

Post by Dave Mack » Thu Jun 06, 2019 7:07 pm

I am attaching a link to our attorney's Memo which provides a reality check concerning the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to not take up our challenge of State authority to prohibiting mining on the federal lands. This was our second legal case to reach the U.S. Supreme Court in about a year. We should be pleased that our legal challenges are making it all the way up to one step from the top!

This issue is so important to America’s future; it is just a matter of time before the Supreme Court must Review it. Let me please suggest that we keep trying. My reasons for this are more thoroughly explained in our June newsletter right here:

We have also heard from the new Director of the The California State Water Resources Control Board that the agency has fallen behind in their effort to develop a water quality permit to support suction dredging. The reality is that there is not enough time to make it happen in time for our 2019 mining season.

Therefore, we will not have access to mechanized systems to support our small-scale gold mining programs this coming season. We will continue to move forward as we have during the past several seasons.
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