Using handheld suction device (bilge pump)

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Using handheld suction device (bilge pump)

Post by goldhunterron » Sun May 19, 2019 6:26 pm

Am I reading the rules from California Department of Water, Fish and Game and whatever powers that be, correctly; that says any handheld suction device is not allowed. I thought the embargo was on any machine powered or gasoline powered equipment. Am I missing the point that says: sucking anything off the bottom of a creek is verboten? In that case what do I use a whisk broom? Or are concerned that I might stir up too much sediment? :roll:
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Re: Using handheld suction device (bilge pump)

Post by OregonJim » Sun May 19, 2019 10:42 pm

I read the regulations as; No motor, no problem... Those folks carrying badges may disagree, but I'd be surprised if anyone said it was a problem. Keep in mind that I am just another clown on the internet and not a lawyer or a smart person you can bet on, but that's my opinion. If I had such a device I'd use it until someone with authority made me stop. Then I would politely do as instructed.

"Defines for the first time by statute what it means to use vacuum or suction dredge equipment, otherwise known as suction dredging, as the use of a mechanized or motorized system for removing or assisting in the removal of, or the processing of, material from the bed, bank, or channel of a river, stream, or lake in order to recover minerals; but also clarifying the definition does not apply to, prohibit, or otherwise restrict nonmotorized recreational mining activities, including panning for gold."
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