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diving day with Dave and Rich

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:58 pm
by OregonJim
Long ago I had the opportunity to join Dave and Richard Krimm for a day on the river. Mostly I just helped to clear cobbles from piling up behind Dave's pontoons but I also took a few minutes to play with my new Go Pro camera. I was wearing a heavy wetsuit to stay warm, but was not wearing any weights because I had no access to breathing air if I got into trouble, so I was as buoyant as a cork in that fast water. It took quite an effort just to keep from being swept downriver. I tried several times to get video of the work going on, but each time found myself getting in the way or knocking rocks back into the hole, but at least you can see a bit of what the river looks like from below. It sure was a fun day for me. It was fun running with the big dogs!

I hope the link will work so you can see the video. ... sp=sharing