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Forum code of conduct.

Post by Jim_Alaska » Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:24 am

Due to the actions of a few people who feel the need to post derogatory, vulgar, and inflammatory posts, the administration feels that there needs to be an acceptable code of conduct posted.

1. You will have to register to be able to post on these forums.

2. No personal attacks, flames, vulgarity, or bashing will be allowed.

3. Treat others with the same respect you expect from them. Please use discretion in posting. What you choose to say and how you say it casts a direct reflection on the club.

4. Derogatory posts aimed at either the club or its members will be immediately deleted. If people persist after having a post deleted, they will be banned from the forums.

5. Be Nice. This is not a platform to launch attacks at others or the club and its management, and none will be tolerated.

6. Please try to be helpful and friendly to newcomers, you were new once too. Remember those who helped you when you needed it.

7. These are family oriented forums, please watch your language.

8. These are mining message forums, please stay on topics related to mining. Politics are fine but keep the politics to mining-related issues.

9.The administration wants to be very clear that this forum is private domain, and that we will not tolerate any disrespectful dialog.

10. All interpretation of these conditions or the intent of posts is at the sole discretion of the forum moderators and administrators.
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