Two Ounces of Beautiful Alaskan Gold!

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Two Ounces of Beautiful Alaskan Gold!

Post by Dave Mack » Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:10 am

In a wonderful gesture of generosity,Tamarand Campbell just donated two ounces of gorgeous natural gold that was recovered during Discovery Channel's "Gold Rush" reality show on television!

This is very cool! We will follow soon with an image.

This gold will be divided into multiple prizes, along with 10 tenth-ounce American Gold Eagles and 10 one-ounce Silver Gold Eagles in a future Legal Fund drawing.

As many of you will be aware, our ongoing Legal Fundraiser will cone to an end this coming Friday, October 25th. We are giving away 3 ounces of American Gold Eagles and 10 ounces of American Silver Eagles (25 prizes in all). You can find out more about the drawing and prizes by going here:

How about this: If we hear from at least 100 of you guys between now and 2 pm this coming Friday, the cherished Alaskan gold above and other pure wealth prizes will go into our next Legal Fund drawing which will take place on 22 February 2019!

Legal contributions can be arranged in time by calling (530) 493-2012 or by using our secure Paypal option right here:

Thanks very much for all you guys do to help us keep small-scale mining alive in America!

Dave McCracken

President, The New 49'ers Legal Fund
General Manager
New 49'ers
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